Sims ATV Snowboard 152.5 cm, All Mountian Long-Nose Twin, New 2022

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Sims ATV Snowboard in size 152.5 cm; (Waist Width 246 mm). 

Rocker Type
Traditional Camber – A single convex arc between the board’s contact points ensures predictable edge hold, load, and rebound as pressure is exerted and expelled throughout the rider’s turn.

Flex Rating – 6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)

Long Nose Twin

Flexible Thin Tip – This weight-saving technology reduces material in the board’s tip and tail, resulting in lighter swing weight which makes it easier and faster to spin and rotate tricks.

Masters Core – The addition of 2 tip-to-tail bamboo stringers running lengthwise through the center of a Light Poplar wood core adds dampening and pop for smooth control in all conditions.

Tri-Tex – Sims' most advanced matrix; a 3-way lay up that combines light fiberglass at 0º, 45º, and 90º degrees, ensuring unquestionable pop, rebound, flex, and torsion in their highest performance boards.

Double I-Carbon Wide – Two tip-to-tail carbon stringers through the center of the core increase torsional rigidity for increased response and control.

Premium Racing – Utilizing industry-leading technology from ISOSPORT, this high-density, high-speed base material is chosen for its molecular weight, which delivers unrivaled speed, excellent wear resistance, and increased wax permeability.

Snake Bite Tech 1.8 – For exceptional edge hold on ice and mixed riding conditions, this technology gets its bite from four individual contact points in the heel and toes zones, providing essential control to keep you on edge.

Binding Compatibility
2 x 4 Insert Pattern

Waist width: 24.6 cm

Brand: SIMS
Color: Multicolor
Item Length: 152.5 cm
Type: All-Mountain
Department: Unisex Adult
Bindings Included: No
Model: ATV

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