Nitro Volta Women's Splitboard Snowboard Skins 151 cm By Kohla New 2022

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Nitro Volta Splitboard Snowboard Skins in size 151 cm. Note The first picture shows a standard Kohla Skin. The 2nd picture shows the actual pattern on skins designed for the Volta.

Pre-cut to the exact specifications of the Nomad splitboard.

65% Mohair / 35% Nylon – A mix of Mohair and Nylon fibers make these skins glide effortlessly while generating maximum grip.
Tip and Tail - Metal Speedhooks – Metal Speedhooks on both ends match mounting holes in the boards tip and tail for quick and easy setup.
100% Waterproof
Easy Release Smart Glue
Fiber Seal Technology
Solvent Free
Laser Cut to Fit the Nitro Volta Splitboard

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