Dakine Aero Car Rack Pads 18" (Set of 2) Dark Ashcroft Camo Surfboard Protection

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Dakine 18" Aero Rack Pads. Color is Dark Ashcroft Camo. Note: Position of pattern varies.

The Dakine Aero Rack Pads are the answer to a more aerodynamic foam pad for your existing roof rack crossbars. Transport your surfboards with these 18-inch wide rack pads with upper padding and a sleek hook-and-loop closure holding them in place.

Only pads top of bar for sleek fit
Durable 600D polyester material
Hook and loop closure
Set of 2 pads in package

18” [ 46cm ] long pad - Set of two.
Fits regular 5.5-8” [ 14-20cm ] bar circumference

Brand: Dakine
MPN: 8840300
Model: Aero Rack Pad 18"